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Friendly Review: Beautiful Noise

 I totally get your excitement for this documentary, especially since it features some of your all-time favorite bands. It’s such a bummer when something you’ve been eagerly waiting for doesn’t live up to your expectations. I can imagine how disappointed you must have felt.

It sounds like this documentary didn’t offer much new information about the bands you already know and love. And to make matters worse, the cinematography didn’t quite hit the mark either. Bad lighting, out-of-focus shots, and low definition can definitely be distracting and take away from the overall experience. It’s puzzling why they released a Blu-ray edition if it wasn’t shot in HD. It’s like a double whammy for the excited fans!

You make a great point about finding higher quality and more interesting clips on YouTube. Sometimes, the internet can be a treasure trove of rare interviews and live performances that give us a richer experience than some documentaries do. And it’s a shame that the documentary didn’t even mention the term “shoegaze” when it’s all about the shoegaze movement. It’s like they missed a crucial piece of the puzzle.

I completely agree with you that the shoegaze movement deserves a fresh, beautiful, and illuminating documentary. It’s such a fascinating period in music history, and it’s a shame that this particular documentary didn’t do it justice. Hopefully, someone will come along and create the documentary that truly captures the essence of shoegaze.

Keep your hopes up, my friend! There’s always a chance for a better documentary in the future. 🎶🎥

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