Blood Sick Psychosis – Movie Review

Friendly Review: Blood Sick Psychosis

Hey MovieMad Bunny! If you’re all about keeping up with micro-to-low-budget horror (which, by the way, totally sounds like something everyone does, right?), then you might have come across a bunch of movies trying to recreate that 80s and 90s SOV horror vibe. You know, they slap on some obvious filter to make it look like old-school film. But guess what? Blood Sick Psychosis takes it to a whole new level by busting out the camcorder for that authentic, grimy feel. Talk about dedication!

And it’s not just the visuals that capture the essence of the genre. This movie nails it on every level, from the story to the splatterific gore effects. It’s good old-fashioned, mean-spirited, gross fun – pure and uncut. They bring on the screen all that grainy violence, Satan, and metal/punk vibes that you just can’t get enough of.

If you’re a fan of early Olaf Ittenbach, Jon McBride, Marcus Koch, or even the super 8 films of Nathan Schiff, then you gotta give this throwback a shot. It’s gonna take you on a wild ride down memory lane.

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