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Friendly Review: Herd

Wow, I totally feel your frustration with movies like that, where it seems like the actors were just picked off the street with no acting skills whatsoever. It can be so disappointing when the performances fall flat and the directing choices leave you scratching your head.

And I totally get what you mean about this movie. It screams low-budget and low-talent. The line delivery feels like something out of a high school drama production, and the chemistry between the characters is non-existent. It’s like they didn’t even realize how forced and stilted it all seemed.

And that thing that happens on the river? It’s just so lame and unbelievable, right? I mean, they even zoomed in on it, and you can clearly see that it’s not that big of a deal. It’s like they didn’t put much thought into making it realistic.

The whole militia plot sounds like something a 10-year-old would come up with, not something you’d expect from a professional director. It’s like they let a kid have way too much control over the final product.

I watched this “movie” with my wife too, and I can totally understand why you’d think any positive review must be paid for or written by someone involved with the cast. It’s just not worth your time, my friend. Trust me, there are much better things to watch out there.

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