Secrets Beneath the Floorboards- Movie Review

Friendly Review: Secrets Beneath the Floorboards

I totally get what you’re saying about this movie. It sounds like it was all over the place and had a lot of things going on that were hard to decipher. Those commercial breaks can really disrupt the flow of a movie, making it feel longer than it actually is.

It’s frustrating when a movie drags on and on, especially when you’re hoping for a twist or something unexpected. I can understand why you were disappointed with the ending. Sometimes, the way things wrap up can leave us feeling unsatisfied and wishing for more.

It’s interesting that you mentioned the “Shocktober” promo spoiling Brad’s reveal. It’s a bummer when promotional material gives away key plot points, taking away the element of surprise.

And hey, I totally get your frustration with movies that lack action until the very end. It can make the buildup feel pointless if the climax doesn’t deliver.

As for the NFT plot point, it seems like it didn’t quite resonate with you. We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to what we find engaging in a movie.

It’s unfortunate that the cyclist ended up being an innocent victim in all of this. It’s never easy to see unnecessary deaths in a film, especially when they happen offscreen.


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