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Friendly Review : The Archies

Oh no, that sounds like a disappointing movie experience! πŸ˜” It’s such a bummer when a film doesn’t live up to our expectations. The storyline and dialogues seem to have missed the mark, making it feel repetitive and uninteresting. And when the acting lacks expression, it can really take away from the overall experience. It’s a shame that the movie didn’t resonate with you or the target audience it was intended for. Time is precious, and it’s important to spend it on things that bring us joy and entertainment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this film! πŸŽ₯🍿

Oh, it’s a shame to hear that some of the actors didn’t quite hit the mark in this movie. Acting can really make or break a film, right? It’s great to hear that Khushi Kapoor delivered a standout performance and reminded you of Sridevi maam. It’s always special when an actor can evoke those nostalgic feelings. And it sounds like DOT and Dilton also did an amazing job, though it would have been nice to see them get more screen time. The scene between Dilton and Reggie must have been a real highlight!

It’s a bummer when a trailer gives away too much of the story, leaving little to look forward to in the movie itself. I understand your hope for more focus on Jughead and the other characters’ storylines. It’s disappointing when some actors struggle with dialogues and choreography, as it can take away from the overall experience. But hey, not every movie is perfect, right? Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the performances in this film! 🎬🌟

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